Terms of reference

Council’s role: The Council is ultimately responsible for all the University’s activities, determining its future strategy, and fostering an environment in which Exeter’s mission can be achieved, as well as ensuring that its financial affairs are prudently managed and that senior management is held to account for the efficient and effective running of the University.

The following terms of reference have been approved by Council for the Review of its effectiveness:

  • To review the effectiveness of Council in fulfilling its role and those responsibilities set out under the Statement of Primary Responsibilities;
  • To make recommendations to Council that will lead to improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of Council, its committees and Dual Assurance / Dual Engagement.
  • To ensure that emerging Dual Assurance streams have the appropriate governance structures in place behind them;
  • To give assurance to Council and other stakeholders that it is fulfilling its role optimally and upholding the model financial memorandum between HEFCE and the institution.