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University Apprentice Network (UAN)


Welcome to YOUR network! An informal network for apprentices, run by our apprentice ambassadors.

The University Apprentice Network is formed of current and former apprentices from our current staff across the University of Exeter.

Apprentice Network members are apprentices who are interested in meeting other apprentices at the University, working together, and supporting each other to develop themselves, their roles, and promote the apprenticeship brand.

The Apprentice Network is coordinated by our University Young Apprentice Ambassadors (YAAN). 

Join us

If you are an apprentice currently employed by the University of Exeter and would like to join the network, please get in touch at and you will be added to the group. Should you move on and want to leave the group please notify us using the same email address.

Apprentices at the University of Exeter have varied experience and work in a very diverse range of occupations, across multiple buildings and sites in Devon and Cornwall.

The Network will:

  1. Provide informal peer support for new and existing apprentices to enable them to nurture and develop their careers;
  2. Enable stronger working relationships to be built with apprentices across our institution;
  3. Provide a platform for informal shadowing opportunities, buddying and mentoring;
  4. Support the learning and development related to apprentices, cascading key communications about Apprenticeships;
  5. Improve the esteem of all apprentices promoting the importance of their roles that are pivotal to addressing skills gaps across the institution;
  6. Advocate Apprenticeships internally within the institution, supporting the development of Apprenticeship opportunities with members acting as role models;
  7. Organise and run activities during National Apprenticeships Week and throughout the year;
  8. Encourage and enable network members to actively support, communicate and promote Apprenticeships campaigns by using social media; and advocating Apprenticeships internally within their own service and networks;
  9. Meet at least twice a year with additional opportunities for smaller local events (including social events) throughout the year.

The Network does not

  • Provide a professional home or replace normal line management/mentoring arrangements;
  • Provide a budget for training or development; that remains within normal management arrangements;
  • Replace any University policies or processes;
  • Provide a forum for complaints, although constructive feedback is welcomed.
  • Make new friends.
  • An opportunity to network and share experiences with other apprentices at the University.
  • Opportunities to speak and present at events, developing and enhancing your portfolio and overall apprenticeship experience.
  • Receive regular updates from the network - what’s new and what network members have been doing to promote Apprenticeships.
  • Raise your personal profile as an apprentice, and develop your transferable skills.

All apprentices or ex-apprentices currently employed by the University of Exeter, at any of our campuses, can be members of the network.  Involvement is optional but highly recommended for all apprentices.  Managers and mentors will be supportive of apprentices’ involvement with the network.

The Steering Group will be made up of the University Apprenticeships Lead (Chair), and our Young Apprentice Ambassadors, ideally with a mix of roles and experience and quorum of 3.

  • The "Young Apprentice Ambassador" will be selected each year.  This role will have an annual tenure.
  • The Steering Group will meet at least termly as well as have virtual meetings as required;
  • The membership of the steering group will rotate as YAANs stand down each academic year.
  • Any member of the Apprentice Network can nominate themselves to become a Young Apprentice Ambassador.