Opportunities to get involved

A key commitment within our Environmental Sustainability Policy ‌is to provide opportunities for you to be involved in Sustainability. There is something for EVERYONE with loads of different ways to be involved. Whether you want to just dip your toe in, have a dabble or dive right in, we have something for you!

For students, this may help you to build your CV, gain extra-curricular skills and altogether enhance your employability. For staff, you can learn new skills, meet like-minded people and be directly involved in improving the University's overall environmental performance through projects. Above all, it's a chance to have some fun! 

Have a “Dip” – come along to one of our events.  This could be just for you if you want to do something small, are just developing an interest in these issues and want to come along for a bit of info, or you don't have the time to give for any further involvement

Have a “Dabble” – participate in an event, join a student society, volunteer for a day or share your ideas with the sustainability team. This could be just for you if you have a bit more of an interest in sustainability and want to get more involved with a little bit of commitment. 

“Dive” in – you could lead on a sustainability project, apply to join one of our sustainability committees, join the Green Consultants Programme or volunteer on a regular basis.  We can help tailor your involvement to meet your personal aspirations, just drop us a line.


Student volunteering

Employers are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd. Volunteering and extra-curricular activities can help you achieve and demonstrate this.


Staff volunteering

The University has a scheme which allows you to take a paid day to volunteer in the Community. It can be incorporated into team-building exercises for a department.


Student societies

There are a number of active and exciting student societies which offer practical opportunities to get involved in different areas of sustainability.