‌Green Futures Student Solutions - a finalist in the Green Gown Student Engagement Awards for 2022. 

Are you looking to contribute to our Net Zero Agenda and Environment and Climate Emergency Response?

The university is looking to fund student-led innovative projects that can demonstrate environmental protection and carbon reduction for initiatives that are seen as high priority for students. 

  • Annual fund - available for multiple projects
  • Maximum project cost of £5,000
  • Projects need to improve our sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of university activity
  • Offers an opportunity to gain project management definition and management experience
  • The Deadline for applications is 30th November 2022
  • Please find your Green Futures Student Solutions Application Form here.
  • Contact details: sustainability@exeter.ac.uk 

There will be an online Teams Intro drop in session on Thursday 17 November at 10.30am - 11.30 where you will be able to ask questions. Please email: sustainability@exeter.ac.uk 


2021/22 Projects

The University chose five student-led projects that demonstrated environmental protection and carbon reduction for last year's Green Futures Student Solutions - which took place between May and July 2022.

We had a great pool of applicants and took 5 projects foward, which focused on stakeholder engagement, carbon reduction, waste management and carbon accounting. The projects were defined and delivered by our students with the support of the Sustainability Team and University of Exeter Academics. Projects were completed before the close of the last academic year.

 Successful projects for the 2021/22 fund were:

  • Zayne Avril – Improvements in food waste management in our residencies
  • Sally McKendry – Delivery of a workshop for AU team captains on how to improve sports sustainability
  • Emma de Saram – Delivery of a sustainability workshop addressing the Be The Change 5 Demands
  • Atta Ajayebi – Development of a comprehensive whole life carbon calculation model for our supply chain
  • Benjamin Audidier – Development of an internal student competition to reduce water demand within residencies

During July and August Emma de Saram led 8 climate change workshops for staff and students. These ran weekly for about an hour and a half and topics involved everything from IPCC reports, to eco anxiety and finding your place in the climate movment. People that took part earned points from Green Rewards as well as a voucher from inExeter.  Emma is a passionate activist and speaker and will be talking informally about Green Futures as part of Freshers on 22nd and 23rd Septemeber so do come along and meet her. Have a look at this film of one of Emma's Climate Justice Workshops in action.  

Making it to the finals of the Green Gown Student Engagement Awards is a huge endorsement for this programme and a tribute to all staff involved and the students who took part. Why not see what all the fuss is about and get in touch?