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Go Green Week 2018 is here

The Student Guild's Sustainability and Green Unit have teamed up with student societies, academics & the local community to launch the 2018 Go Green Week.

Climate change. Peak oil. Wildlife extinction. There are many big issues we face as humans today. Luckily people all over the world are doing some amazing work to tackle these problems, and we would like to share some of this with you. In 2017, the five-day Go Green Week was a huge success. Therefore, in 2018, the Guild’s Sustainability Council have teamed up with student societies, colleagues from across the University and local community to launch another Go Green Week.

This 5-day event will offer a jam-packed programme of events and activities around sustainability and the environment. This year, the Go Green Week will take place between 12th to 16th around the Forum and Streatham Campus. The aim of the Go Green Week is to raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, and giving some nifty skills to green up your life.

The week's programme can be found here and the wide range of activities on range include: film screenings; environmental talks; pot luck dinners; surplus food collections; bike checks and maintenance workshops; community garden visits; tree-planting; and cooking sessions. You can also find out about some exciting student-led projects, student societies and other local groups at the information fair in the Forum on the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Date: 12 March 2018

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