Exeter Food Bank

Donation to Exeter Food Bank

The Residences Team at the University were delighted to recently work with local charity Exeter Food Bank, to co-ordinate a large donation.

At the end of term, students in residence are encouraged to donate any food they have left, along with other property to be reused by others. This year, in a co-ordinated approach across the residences, Exeter Food Bank collected in excess of two tonnes of food from the University.

Mark Richardson, Manager of Exeter Food Bank said, “That amount is amazing - and it came at a very good moment. We should be seeing less than one hundred clients each week at this time of year, but 2022 has been an exceptional time... and we have been seeing up to 260 weekly. Your donations have helped us in a really crazy time! Thank you so much for your support. “

Date: 7 October 2022

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