Carbon Management

The University successfully reduced its weather corrected carbon dioxide emissions again in 2009/10. Emissions were down 2% compared to the previous year and have now been reduced by 15% compared to 05/06 base year (this base year has been changed from 04/05 in response to HEFCE guidance). Our Carbon Management Plan target was to reduce emissions by 2% this year and by 11% by 2010.

Projects that have been completed in 2009/10 include:

  • energy efficient lighting in Washington Singer building
  • thermostatic radiator valves in North Cloisters
  • building draughtsealing windows, roof insulation and energy efficient lighting in Mardon Hall Training Room
  • draughtsealing to Amory Building
  • St Lukes Sports Centre - Energy Management System
  • Student Switch Off campaign
  • Green Impact campaign.

Water consumption is steady at about 280,000 cubic metres per year.

6b - carbon dioxide emissionsCarbon dioxide emissions from fuels - University of Exeter only