The University has taken part in an exciting 2 year project called Green Impact. Twenty five teams of staff took part in the environmental accreditation scheme, to ‘green’ their work practices. Green Impact is run locally by the University but managed across several HEIs by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC). Green Impact has been well received by staff with over 1000 University staff being involved in Green Impact in one way or another.  The project has raised awareness on all aspects of sustainability at the University, inspired positive behavioural change and prompted staff to find innovative ways in which to reduce their environmental impact. Examples of Green Impact successes range from 100% recycle paper being provided across the Exeter campuses to staff choosing to video conference instead of flying. The University has been promoted nationally as an exemplar of the project and has been instrumental in introducing the possibility of Green Impact being piloted in southwest local authorities.

Throughout the year student engagement in sustainability has been actively promoted at the University. As part of Green Impact, student auditors were recruited and linked the student recruitment process to the Exeter Award. Over 100 students applied for 38 available places. Students commented in their applications that it raised their awareness of sustainability at the University and inspired them to learn more about sustainability as a whole.  Student volunteers provided valuable contributions to the University’s work in encouraging recycling in the Reuse initiative3 . Regular meetings were held with the student environmental group, Green Soc, where University wide sustainability initiatives were discussed and opportunities to work together were identified. One example this is Go Green Week where Green Soc were given project management advice and assisted with advertising their series of lower carbon diet events a University of Exeter graduate was employed to focus on sustainable travel and communicating sustainability. A current University of Exeter student was employed to coordinate and facilitate the Reuse project and then continued to work for the University assisting with various technical aspects of carbon management.

3 The student reuse project is where students in halls can get rid of unwanted items which are then either donated to charity or offered free of charge to other students.