Annual Report 2010/11

Statement 2010/11

"I am delighted with the progress we have made in 2010/11. We published our 5-year Sustainability Strategy which sets out clear and challenging objectives and targets for each of the sustainability themes. Within the strategy we also recognise the value of our sustainability activities in terms of enhancing the student experience and employability. Over the last year, a number of our students have completed their work based learning modules with our sustainability professionals on campus and others have conducted research into our campus activities.

With regards to the curriculum we have made some significant progress with staff development in introducing 'sustainability' as a theme within Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) and Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice  (PCAP) programmes, the introduction of modular sustainability pathways and the development of innovative interdisciplinary research inspired catalyst programmes, such as the Big Dilemmas project. The establishment of the Campus as Living Laboratory, which brings together students, academics and communities in learning for sustainability, has offered additional extra-curricular and curricular learning opportunities. The Birds & Bees Campaign and the Exeter Carbon Observatory are two groundbreaking examples of good practice. Further learning opportunities have been created to link sustainability with employability through the Exeter Award's 'Green Economy' workshops.

As an organisation, we continue to build on our partnerships with both local and national organisations to both share best practice and provide leadership in this area."

Professor Mark Overton

Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Affairs)