Annual Report 2012/13

Statement 2012/13

Throughout 2012/13 sustainability has once again been at the heart of everything we do at the University of Exeter.  I am delighted to be sharing our fourth Sustainability Annual Report, which summarises the many achievements throughout this period.  We have continued to invest in making our campus a greener, more carbon efficient environment by working closely with our staff our students. Through our ‘Sustainable Supplier Showcase’ event and ‘Being an Ecologist’ day we created opportunities to share our knowledge and work closely with local business and the wider community.

I am proud to report we have further improved our sustainability performance alongside the challenge of organisational growth.  In 2012/13 we increased our recycling rates from 37 to 43% and reduced our water consumption by 4%.  In addition, we received a ‘First class award for environmental performance’ for the fifth year running in the People and Planet Green League and achieved our highest position yet, demonstrating our continued commitment to this agenda.

In 2012 Professor Tim Lenton, Chair in Climate Change and Professor of Earth System Science led a review of our sustainability research activity at the University which will form the foundation for the development of a sustainability research strategy.  This will undoubtedly help shape our wider sustainability activities on campus in 2013/14 and beyond.

Our Students’ Guild has continued to build on its green reputation by becoming the first student union to achieve ISO14001 and successfully secured funding from the HEFCE NUS Green Fund to develop the Students Green Unit.  The new unit will provide funding and support for a number of student-led projects to empower our students to make a difference in environmental and ethical issues.

I am very much looking forward to our sustainability endeavours in 2013/14 and working closely with our University community, the local community,  Students’ Guild and other stakeholders to deliver our sustainability vision in an innovative, inclusive and inspirational way.

Geoff Pringle

Director of Campus Services