Curriculum and research

  • Exeter’s first MOOC (massive open online course), developed in partnership with Future Learn, on the subject of climate change, was presented by Professor Tim Lenton. The course ran in January 2014 and attracted registrations from 16,231 participants across the world. The material has since been incorporated into taught programmes delivered at Exeter, and the MOOC is being rerun in January 2015; with 5,755 registrations to date.

  • Green Consultants was introduced in 2013/14, which is a training course involving facilitated learning for students interested in pursuing a career with an environmental or sustainability focus.  It is open to any year of study and has been designed to provide students with practical experience to complement their current programme of study.  This comprises on-campus projects and internship. During the pilot phase in summer 2014, 28 students across the Exeter and Penryn campuses participated in the scheme, with 12 entering full time employment in the environmental/sustainability sector upon completion. The scheme will be widened in 2014/15 to offer 3 cohorts over the year with opportunities for over 100 students.

  • Grand Challenges 2014 addressed some of the biggest sustainability challenges faced by society in the Twenty First Century, such as sustainable food production, conservation and climate change, and sustainable building. The 646 undergraduate students who participated in the programme produced outputs such as a blog on responsible travel, videos on sustainable food production and mental health awareness campaigns. This represents the greatest participation in Grand Challenges to date.