Staff and student travel

  • Encouraging the uptake of car sharing was a key focus in 2013-14 and a review of the Car Share Scheme led to the launch of an updated package of incentives. The charge to obtain a car share permit was removed and the number of dedicated car share parking spaces increased to 86 across the Exeter campuses. To support these changes, a new University-branded car sharing website was launched and a car share journey planner to facilitate inter-campus journeys established. As a result of these changes, the number of formal car sharing teams increased from 36 to 95.

  •  A regular series of engagement and awareness-raising activities held throughout the year raised the profile of cycling to, from and between the Exeter campuses. Working in partnership with Devon County Council, Sustrans, Devon & Cornwall Police and a range of local cycle stores, a monthly series of Dr Bike cycle maintenance sessions, free cycle security marking and second hand cycle sales were held and practical advice and guidance on route planning, safe cycling and free adult cycle training offered. As a result, the number of parked cycles recorded on the campuses rose by 58% in one year. The University also continued to invest in high-quality and best-practice cycle parking facilities, in line with ongoing building projects, with new facilities installed at Hope Hall, Knightley and Stocker Road bringing the total number of cycle parking spaces across the Exeter campuses to over 1,500.

  • The popularity of the University-subsidised D bus service continued with over 159,000 passenger journeys originating at the Exeter campuses in 2013-14 and over 21,500 discounted single bus tickets sold to staff, collectively saving them up to £7,300. In addition, and following its extension to the St Luke’s campus, Veysey Building and RILD, patronage on the University’s free shuttle bus from St David’s Railway Station continued to grow with a 25% increase in the number of staff and student passenger journeys since the previous year.