The University of Exeter’s Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses were re-accredited in 2017 with Green Flag Awards for open space excellence. This independent assessment confirms that the grounds of the University continue to be amongst the top open spaces that grant access to the public in the UK. The award considers biodiversity and sustainable management practices, as well as engagement with students and the wider community.

The Diamond Waterways project was delivered in 2016/17 as part of the University’s Jubilee Celebrations. A key element of the project was legacy.  The Grounds team have been able to benefit from Alumni support to finalise the infrastructure works and introduce an enhanced pond maintenance regime.  Both activities will have long term benefits for the health of the waterways and our biodiversity.

In 2017, the Hoopern/Taddiforde valley became a County Wildlife site and is now being managed with advice from Devon Wildlife Trust. This site forms part of a Devon Wide network covering almost 30,000 hectares and will contribute to biodiversity enhancement in Devon.

Targets and dleviery strategy / plan

Theme Target Delivery strategy / plan
Biodiversity To become a Countryside Wildlife Site by Jul 17

 Biodiversity Strategy 2016-2021 (Streatham)