Construction and Refurbishment

In 2016/17, one new building was completed.  The Living Systems Institute achieved an Excellent rating for the design stage and is on target to gain ‘Excellent’ for the post construction assessment, which will take place after period of full occupancy and completion of monitoring and analysis of the performance of the building and its services.
As part of the long term maintenance programme, we have upgraded single glazed to double glazed windows and renewed the heating system and controls at Mardon Hall, providing a reduction in carbon and energy costs, together with providing significant improvement in comfort levels for our students. The boilers within the Geoffrey Pope Building, the University’s largest energy centre supplying heat to multiple buildings, have been replaced with new efficient boilers. We have also started an ongoing programme of replacement single to double glazed windows at Northcote House, with projected savings in carbon and energy and again significant improvement in environmental conditions for staff and our visitors.

We have contributed to the Lab Optimisation programme, with works underway in 2016-17 in the Hatherly building, to convert an under-utilised and outdated laboratory to a new laser laboratory for research purposes; and to upgrade under-performing laboratories in the Biocatalysis centre to create the Bio-economy centre. In addition, outdated and under-used laboratories in the Physics and Harrison buildings have been upgraded/converted, maximising existing space to support the delivery of research in CEMPs.

At St Luke’s, as part of Project Mobilise, space in South Cloisters has been re-purposed to form good quality, flexible workspaces for Exeter IT, thus releasing space in the Laver Building for academic growth and again maximising the potential for space efficiency.

The first phase of the upgrade of learning spaces programme has taken place during the Summer 2016, including the installation of LED lighting, thus further supporting targets in carbon reduction.

Targets and delivery plans

Theme Target Delivery strategy / plan
New Build Achieve BREEAM rating of at least “excellent” for all new buildings Estates Strategy