Education for Sustainability

In 2016/17, a strategic review of Student Employability and Academic Success (SEAS) careers provision relating to sustainability was undertaken. This mapped all of the interactions where students could engage with career development learning relating to Sustainability. This has been branded as “Dip, Dabble, Dive and Thrive”, a concept which was developed by one of our Flexible Combined Honours students. Students from any year and any discipline can find out a little (Dip, e.g. eXfactor), have a substantive engagement (Dabble e.g. Sprint) or an immersive experience (Dive e.g. Aspirational Educators and Green Consultants). 95% of students “dip” into sustainability learning, as initiatives not specifically about sustainability have it threaded through them. Nearly 10% of students gain a ‘dive’ experience.  This approach future proofs the integration of sustainability in the employability offering; this is an holistic approach embedded in Career Zone delivery. It is robust, in itself sustainable, has wide reach and supports the Education Strategy and Sustainable Development Goals (UN, 2015) where possible.  This approach was Highly Commended at the national 2017 Green Gown Awards.

Green Consultants continues to go from strength to strength and was awarded the Gold Sustainability QS Re-imagine Award 2016, this was awarded to the DVC Education in December 2016.  Further recognition was given by the University as the team running Green Consultants were awarded the Professional Service Recognition Award for impact 2017.  In 2016 we had 106 applicants of which 78 underwent training in Streatham and Penryn. Of these, 69 completed just the training element with 66 completing on-campus environmental projects. 55 students went on to complete internships with industry partners.  As a result of the continued success of the programme, we are seeing an increase in employers contacting us wanting to either contribute to the programme or host student interns.