Governance and Groups

This section provides you with an overview of the Governance for Environmental Sustainability, and the various groups and networks that help us achieve improvements in environmental performance.

Environmental Sustainability is formally reported to the following, as a minimum annually:

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The Climate and Environmental Crisis Board is the university's senior governance group responsible for setting policy and priorities, maintaining oversight and approving the resource and delivery programmes for the Environment and Climate Emergency response across the university. 

  • Joint chaired by the Provost and Registrar & Secretary, the Climate and Environment Crisis Board meet termly and provides a policy and decision-making forum to ensure delivery and continual improvement of activities and operations across the university to meet the intent of the goals and recommendations of the E&CE Working Group Report (published on November 11th 2019).

  • Membership of the Board includes Student Union representations, Director of Estate Services, Director of Sustainability, Procurement, Communications and Marketing, and others as appropriate. 

University of Exeter Students’ Guild is the Students’ Union of the University of Exeter. The Guild exists for students at Exeter to offer support, advice, representation, entertainment and other activities that will enhance the student experience.

Through student societies, committees, volunteering activities events such as Go Green/Sustainability Week and the work of staff, the Guild is committed to sustainability and caring for the environment and are signed up to the Green Impact accreditation scheme for Students' Unions.


The university has appointed outstanding academic and professional service leaders to work with the Provost, Registrar and Director of Sustainabilty, in the role of Advocate for the ECE. 

Advocates represent their College/Campus or a particular theme, mobilise their Climate Environment Action Plans and attend regular ACT meetings, led by the Provost and Senior Academics, to progress challenging and transformational change agenda items for the university, including:

  • Taking forward the University of Exeter's Carbon Net Zero delivery approach, aligned to the E&CE Policy, facilitating the development and delivery of carbon savings and environmentally positive solutions. 
  • Action-specific E&CE Policy statements on behalf of the university, aligning academic, research and teaching colleagues and staff to progress transformational change for the university.