Freshers' 2022

Congratulations and welcome to Exeter

A key commitment within our Environment and Climate Emergency Policy is to provide opportunities for you to be involved in Sustainability. There is something for EVERYONE with a variety of different ways you can get involved.


Students' Union

“The climate crisis is the greatest threat to the natural world and our individual impact matters more now than ever before. Driven to reduce our carbon footprint, your Student’s Union are working collaboratively with FXPlus and both universities to prioritise sustainability, enforced by the elected students that constitute our Green Council. If you’re passionate about making changes for your future, nominate yourself to become a member of our Green Council, or immerse yourself in our societies that are woven with sustainable morals.”

Georgi Griškeviciene, SU Exeter President

Students' Guild

“The climate emergency is at the forefront of everyone's minds as we continue to see the impact it's having across the world. As a student community, we can all play a part in tackling the crisis and we will work hard to amplifying the voices and activities of our student leaders in this area. It is a key priority for us at Exeter Students' Guild and we look forward to another year of working collaboratively with the University.”

Lily Margaroli, Guild President