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Implement Green Chemistry practices

Green Chemistry is the process of designing and implementing chemical processes and products that can reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances. It also deals with minimising or eliminating the generation of hazardous waste products.

Embracing the principles of Green Chemistry can allow you to carry out sustainable research and:

• Help prevent pollution at a molecular level
• Explore innovative solutions to minimise the adverse effects of chemical processes and products on the environment and human health
• Design chemical processes and products that are less risky and hazardous

Here’s how you can utilise green chemistry techniques and manage chemicals in a more responsible manner:

Plan your experiments

Lab users are encouraged to plan their work in a comprehensive manner such that they use the minimum amount of chemicals and reduce waste as much as possible.

Consider substitutes

One way to opt for Green Chemistry practices is to consider substitutes. When dealing with hazardous chemicals, lab users can research for less harmful alternatives and utilise them in their experiments instead to achieve the same results.

Managing inventory

Lab users and lab managers should monitor existing inventory in a responsible manner. If you plan to place an order for more chemicals, please check what is already available and determine if the order is necessary.
Lab users should also avoid ordering items in bulk to take advantage of discounted prices. This can lead to chemical waste and compromise our goal of carrying out sustainable research. It is preferable if you only order what you need.

Sharing chemicals

If your research lab has unwanted or excess chemicals, then you can also consider sharing these chemicals with other labs to ensure more efficient utilisation and waste minimisation. Similarly use LabCup to search other labs’ inventories if you need to borrow small amounts or trial new chemicals.

Click here to visit LabCup
Find guidance on LabCup on the Technical Services Teams Page

Disposing chemicals

An essential part of Green Chemistry is disposing of chemicals correctly at the end of an experiment. If you have any questions, please ask your lab manager to clear up any doubts.


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