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Focus on waste and recycling

Waste and recycling are among of the most visible areas in the sustainability agenda. The key principle of the waste hierarchy has become the foundation of modern sustainable waste management by clearly illustrating the order in which waste management measures should be prioritised, based on environmental impact. As a priority waste should always be prevented and minimised. If waste can be avoided in the first instance, there is no need to look at recycling or disposal options for the materials. Where waste is generated, the University’s priority is to ensure that waste is diverted from landfill and recycled or recovered.

Up to date information on our waste and recycling systems can be found here on our Facilities Operations pages. You can find out how to dispose of your waste by using our online guide which lists the most common waste types within the University of Exeter and details how to recycle or dispose of each and how to arrange a collection if required. If you cannot find details on a waste item within the list, please contact the Environment and Climate Emergency team.

#LabWasteDay Initiative:

Exeter researchers help to raise awareness about the amount of plastic waste generated in labs

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If you have any comments or recommendations on how to make our labs more sustainable, please contact us and provide your feedback!