Students on the Move 2022

We are excited to announce that the Students on the Move scheme has returned this year in time for students moving out at the end of term. Students on the Move is a waste collection scheme subsidised by the University and in collaboration with Exeter City Council.

Operating throughout June and July each year, the scheme allows University students living in private accommodation to have non-recyclable waste collected for FREE- in addition to their normal bi-weekly collection. This scheme has helped to reduce fly-tipping and has taken the stress out of the busy 'moving out' period.

The main University, Guild Information Points and Here to Help desks (at the Streatham and St Luke’s Campuses) are issued with 'SOTM' envelopes containing collection stickers for marking extra waste. Our Community Engagement Officers will also be delivering these envelopes to student houses across the city.

The stickers in your ‘Students on the Move’ envelope allow you to mark your refuse for collection between your normal collection times. These collections will take place every Monday and Friday on these dates:

6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27 June and 1, 4, 8, 11 July

Simply place stickers on each rubbish bag. Email “RUBBISH” and the first line of your address to with the desired collection date. Please send this at least 2 days in advance of the desired collection date to ensure good notice. Once confirmed, leave labelled rubbish bags outside on the evening before a collection or before 6am on the day of collection.

This scheme only collects extra 'grey' waste. We do not collect glass or other recyclable items. This service is ideal for anyone who isn’t moving out on bin day!

Email to find out more about the scheme.

Ways to dispose other waste:

  • Exeter City Council and Falmouth Town Council are offering FREE seagull deterrent sacks. If you are in Exeter, email or phone 01392 277888 to order one. If you are in the Falmouth area, these can be collected from the Falmouth Information Service on the Moor, or email
  • Extra Rubbish? – Call Exeter City Council on 01392 265010 with good notice to arrange an extra collection. Please note that this is a charged service. Cornwall students seeking information about refuse should visit the Cornwall Council webpages or phone 0300 123 4141
  • Extra Recycling? – Please note that you can dispose of an unlimited amount of recycling (except glass - Exeter only). Extra recycling that does not fit inside your recycling bin needs to be double-bagged and labelled ‘Recycling’ with the first line of your address.
  • Extra Food? – If you are unable to take extra usable food to a foodbank drop-off point, please take it home and double-bag any perished food before placing it in your bin for disposal. For more information on food donations, please visit the foodbank websites for Exeter and Cornwall. As part of the Students on the Move scheme, the Student Community Warden team will assist students living in the city (who don’t have a car or live within walking distance) from May to deliver food donations to St Katherine’s Priory Community Larder. As part of the Students on the Move scheme, the Community Engagement team will assist students living in the city (who don’t have a car or live within walking distance) from May to deliver food donations to St Katherine’s Priory Community Larder. For more information visit the Community page.
  • Exeter-based and Extra Glass? – Please ensure that extra glass is delivered to your nearest bottle bank and not placed within in your normal recycling bin. Students living in private housing who don’t have access to a car or don't live within walking distance to a bottle bank can also contact on our returning glass caddy scheme. The hugely successful Glass caddy scheme has returned to transport student’s glass waste to recycling points for Term 3. Contact our team to find out more on available collection dates (June and July). Please book early to avoid disappointment- there is a limited amount of collections slots and we are on a first-come, first-served schedule. Last-minute requests will not guarantee you a collection.

“This project aims to reduce our carbon footprint and provide an extra helping hand to students during the stressful moving out period. The response from students and permanent locals has been very positive”.

Rory Cunningham (Community Liaison Officer)  who developed the initiative.