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Labeling publications

Academics with publications they wish to appear on this page should label these publications on Symplectic Elements. Guidance for labeling documents can be found on the research toolkit.


The University of Exeter is committed to student engagement and creating internationally excellent education that can be described as partnership in knowledge creation in which our students study alongside our exceptional academics and postgraduate researchers not only to absorb knowledge and develop skills but to actively contribute to the creation of new knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

We want our students to learn with the creators of world-leading research. But more than this we want to extend the opportunities for them to discover and learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry in each and every year of their degree. Through all of our work our mission is to create supportive, challenging and inspiring communities of learning in which our students can flourish and succeed in readiness to cross another boundary to become graduates of distinction.

This partnership is evident when we look within the University and see our students work alongside our academics to generate genuinely new insights, advances and solutions in their chosen disciplines. We have recently asked our academic colleagues to flag published papers produced with student co-authors and contributors. Now we know that over the last few years, over 100 papers have been written with undergraduate and taught postgraduate students as well as over 400 with PhD students.

The below list shows some of the most recent examples of undergraduate student co-authored articles:

Journal articles

Ling H, Mclvor GE, Westley J, van der Vaart K, Vaughan RT, Thornton A, Ouellette NT (2019). Behavioural plasticity and the transition to order in jackdaw flocks. Nature Communications, 10(1)  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Ling H, Mclvor GE, Westley J, van der Vaart K, Yin J, Vaughan RT, Thornton A, Ouellette NT (2019). Collective turns in jackdaw flocks: kinematics and information transfer. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 16(159), 20190450-20190450.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Galloway T, Baglin N, Harries LW, Lee BP, Kocur AL, Shepherd M, Steele A, BPA Schools Study Consortium (2018). An engaged research study to assess the effect of a ‘real-world’ dietary intervention on urinary bisphenol a (BPA) levels in teenagers. BMJ Open, 8, e018742-e018742. Full text. DOI.
Phillips BB, Shaw RF, Holland MJ, Fry EL, Bardgett RD, Bullock JM, Osborne JL (2018). Drought reduces floral resources for pollinators. Global Change Biology, 24, 3226-3235. Full text. DOI.
Arnold J, Ewings P, Handel L, Langdon M, Powell H, Rhydderch-Evans Z, Stone W, Woodland S, Hoade L, Bleiker J, et al (2018). Fragile: Please handle with care. Radiography, 24, S9-S10. Full text. DOI.
Stern P, Sitta D, Faulkner M (2018). What can the brand manager expect from Facebook?. Australasian Marketing Journal  Abstract.  Full text.
Ash BJ, Worsfold SR, Vukusic P, Nash GR (2017). A highly attenuating and frequency tailorable annular hole phononic crystal for surface acoustic waves. Nature Communications, 8(1)  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Vlachaki Walker JM, Robb JL, Cruz AM, Malhi A, Weightman Potter PG, Ashford MLJ, McCrimmon RJ, Ellacott KLJ, Beall C (2017). AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activator A-769662 increases intracellular calcium and ATP release from astrocytes in an AMPK-independent manner. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 19(7), 997-1005.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Maraqa MS, Griffin R, Sharma MD, Wilson AJ, Hunt J, Hosken DJ, House CM (2017). Constrained evolution of the sex comb in Drosophila simulans. J Evol Biol, 30(2), 388-400.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Hogan BT, Dyakov SA, Brennan LJ, Younesy S, Perova TS, Gun'ko YK, Craciun MF, Baldycheva A (2017). Dynamic in-situ sensing of fluid-dispersed 2D materials integrated on microfluidic Si chip. Scientific Reports, 7, 42120-42120.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Pilling LC, Kuo C-L, Sicinski K, Tamosauskaite J, Kuchel GA, Harries LW, Herd P, Wallace R, Ferrucci L, Melzer D, et al (2017). Human longevity: 25 genetic loci associated in 389,166 UK biobank participants. Aging (Albany NY), 9(12), 2504-2520.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Rendle M, Lively A (2017). Inspiring a ‘Fourth Revolution’? the Modern Revolutionary Tradition and the Problems Surrounding the Commemoration of 1917 in 2017 in Russia. Historical Research, 90(247), 230-249.  Abstract. DOI.
Murphy TM, Crawford B, Dempster EL, Hannon E, Burrage J, Turecki G, Kaminsky Z, Mill J (2017). Methylomic profiling of cortex samples from completed suicide cases implicates a role for PSORS1C3 in major depression and suicide. Transl Psychiatry, 7(1)  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Viana J, Hannon E, Dempster E, Pidsley R, Macdonald R, Knox O, Spiers H, Troakes C, Al-Saraj S, Turecki G, et al (2017). Schizophrenia-associated methylomic variation: molecular signatures of disease and polygenic risk burden across multiple brain regions. Hum Mol Genet, 26(1), 210-225.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Bocian M, Brownjohn JMW, Racic V, Hester D, Quattrone A, Gilbert L, Beasley R (2017). Time-dependent spectral analysis of interactions within groups of walking pedestrians and vertical structural motion using wavelets. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 105, 502-523.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Furness LE, Campbell A, Zhang L, Gaze WH, McDonald RA (2017). Wild small mammals as sentinels for the environmental transmission of antimicrobial resistance. Environmental Research, 154, 28-34.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Bocian M, Brownjohn JMW, Racic V, Hester D, Quattrone A, Monnickendam R (2016). A framework for experimental determination of localised vertical pedestrian forces on full-scale structures using wireless attitude and heading reference systems. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 376, 217-243.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Laing LV, Viana J, Dempster EL, Trznadel M, Trunkfield LA, Uren Webster TM, van Aerle R, Paull GC, Wilson RJ, Mill J, et al (2016). Bisphenol a causes reproductive toxicity, decreases dnmt1 transcription, and reduces global DNA methylation in breeding zebrafish (Danio rerio). Epigenetics, 11(7), 526-538.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Barnard HR, Zossimova E, Mahlmeister NH, Lawton LM, Luxmoore IJ, Nash GR (2016). Boron nitride encapsulated graphene infrared emitters. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 108(13) Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Finnigan W, Thomas A, Cromar H, Gough B, Snajdrova R, Adams JP, Littlechild JA, Harmer NJ (2016). Characterization of carboxylic acid reductases as enzymes in the toolbox for synthetic chemistry. ChemCatChem, in press Full text. DOI.
Bunning H, Bassett L, Clowser C, Rapkin J, Jensen K, House CM, Archer CR, Hunt J (2016). Dietary choice for a balanced nutrient intake increases the mean and reduces the variance in the reproductive performance of male and female cockroaches. Ecology and Evolution, 6(14), 4711-4730.  Abstract. DOI.
Brownjohn JMW, Bocian M, Hester D, Quattrone A, Hudson W, Moore D, Goh S, Sun Lim M (2016). Footbridge system identification using wireless inertial measurement units for force and response measurements. Journal of Sound and Vibration Full text. DOI.
Fitzgerald JA, Jameson HM, Fowler VHD, Bond GL, Bickley LK, Webster TMU, Bury NR, Wilson RJ, Santos EM (2016). Hypoxia Suppressed Copper Toxicity during Early Development in Zebrafish Embryos in a Process Mediated by the Activation of the HIF Signaling Pathway. Environ Sci Technol, 50(8), 4502-4512.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Cooney F, Vitikainen EIK, Marshall HH, van Rooyen W, Smith RL, Cant MA, Goodey N (2016). Lack of aggression and apparent altruism towards intruders in a primitive termite. Royal Society Open Science  Abstract.  Full text.
Wanasekara ND, Santos RPO, Douch C, Frollini E, Eichhorn SJ (2016). Orientation of cellulose nanocrystals in electrospun polymer fibres. Journal of Materials Science, 51(1), 218-227. Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Evans SM, McKenna C, Simpson SD, Tournois J, Genner MJ (2016). Patterns of species range evolution in Indo-Pacific reef assemblages reveal the Coral Triangle as a net source of transoceanic diversity. Biology Letters, 12(6), 20160090-20160090.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Brinkmann E-M, Mattes B, Kumar R, Hagemann AIH, Gradl D, Scholpp S, Steinbeisser H, Kaufmann LT, Özbek S (2016). Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 2 (sFRP2) Redirects Non-canonical Wnt Signaling from Fz7 to Ror2 during Vertebrate Gastrulation. J Biol Chem, 291(26), 13730-13742.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Hopwood PE, Head ML, Jordan EJ, Carter MJ, Davey E, Moore AJ, Royle NJ (2016). Selection on an antagonistic behavioral trait can drive rapid genital coevolution in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides. Evolution, 70(6), 1180-1188.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Stringell TB, Clerveaux WV, Godley BJ, Kent FEA, Lewis EDG, Marsh JE, Phillips Q, Richardson PB, Sanghera A, Broderick AC, et al (2016). Taxonomic distinctness in the diet of two sympatric marine turtle species. Marine Ecology, 37(5), 1036-1049.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Browning MK, Weber MA, Chabrier G, Massey AP (2016). Theoretical limits on magnetic field strengths in low-mass stars.   Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text.
Whittle A, Gallego-Sala AV (2016). Vulnerability of the peatland carbon sink to sea-level rise. Scientific Reports, 6(1) Full text. DOI.
Sanders D, Kehoe R, Tiley K, Bennie J, Cruse D, Davies TW, Frank van Veen FJ, Gaston KJ (2015). Artificial nighttime light changes aphid-parasitoid population dynamics. Sci Rep, 5  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Stanganello E, Hagemann AIH, Mattes B, Sinner C, Meyen D, Weber S, Schug A, Raz E, Scholpp S (2015). Filopodia-based Wnt transport during vertebrate tissue patterning. Nat Commun, 6  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Watson KK, Li D, Brent LJN, Horvath JE, Gonzalez-Martinez J, Ruiz-Lambides AV, Robinson AG, Skene JHP, Platt MLP (2015). Genetic influences on social attention in free-ranging rhesus macaques. Animal Behaviour, 103, 267-275. DOI.
Hoskin J, Boyle C, Anderson J (2015). Inclusive education in pre-schools: predictors of pre-service teacher attitudes in Australia. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 21(8), 974-989.  Abstract. DOI.
Watts AJR, Urbina MA, Corr S, Lewis C, Galloway TS (2015). Ingestion of Plastic Microfibers by the Crab Carcinus maenas and its Effect on Food Consumption and Energy Balance. Environ Sci Technol, 49(24), 14597-14604.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Hudson C, Cook IJ (2015). Occupy RGS(IBG) 2012. Acme: an international e-journal for critical geographies, 14(2), 413-421. Full text.
Hirschbiel AF, Geyer S, Yameen B, Welle A, Nikolov P, Giselbrecht S, Scholpp S, Delaittre G, Barner-Kowollik C (2015). Photolithographic patterning of 3D-formed polycarbonate films for targeted cell guiding. Adv Mater, 27(16), 2621-2626.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Lea SEG, Poser-Richet V, Meier C (2015). Pigeons can learn to make visual category discriminations using either low or high spatial frequency information. BEHAVIOURAL PROCESSES, 112, 81-87. Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Wotton KR, Jiménez-Guri E, Crombach A, Janssens H, Alcaine-Colet A, Lemke S, Schmidt-Ott U, Jaeger J (2015). Quantitative system drift compensates for altered maternal inputs to the gap gene network of the scuttle fly Megaselia abdita. Elife, 4  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Alcaine-Colet A, Wotton KR, Jimenez-Guri E (2015). Rearing the scuttle fly Megaselia scalaris (Diptera: Phoridae) on industrial compounds: implications on size and lifespan. PeerJ, 3  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Lawrence NS, Verbruggen F, Morrison S, Adams RC, Chambers CD (2015). Stopping to food can reduce intake. Effects of stimulus-specificity and individual differences in dietary restraint. Appetite, 85, 91-103.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Locke JM, Hysenaj G, Wood AR, Weedon MN, Harries LW (2015). Targeted allelic expression profiling in human islets identifies cis-regulatory effects for multiple variants identified by type 2 diabetes genome-wide association studies. Diabetes, 64(4), 1484-1491.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Morad HOJ, Belete SC, Read T, Shaw AM (2015). Time-course analysis of C3a and C5a quantifies the coupling between the upper and terminal Complement pathways in vitro. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGICAL METHODS, 427, 13-18. Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Davies CS, Francis A, Sadovnikov AV, Chertopalov SV, Bryan MT, Grishin SV, Allwood DA, Sharaevskii YP, Nikitov SA, Kruglyak VV, et al (2015). Towards graded-index magnonics: Steering spin waves in magnonic networks. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 92(2)  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
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Wotton KR, Jiménez-Guri E, García Matheu B, Jaeger J (2014). A staging scheme for the development of the scuttle fly Megaselia abdita. PLoS One, 9(1)  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Barker AR, Renzaglia KS, Fry K, Dawe HR (2014). Bioinformatic analysis of ciliary transition zone proteins reveals insights into the evolution of ciliopathy networks. BMC Genomics, 15  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Kelly J, Vanhatalo A, Bailey SJ, Wylie LJ, Tucker C, List S, Winyard PG, Jones AM (2014). Dietary nitrate supplementation: effects on plasma nitrite and pulmonary O2 uptake dynamics during exercise in hypoxia and normoxia. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol, 307(7), R920-R930.  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
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Internet publications

Crutchlow P, Cook IJ, et al (2016). The Museum of Contemporary Commodities, online collection and website.   Abstract. Web link.
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