Outline planning

Changes to the plans from February 2017 - April 2017

Following the Exeter City Council Planning meeting on 13 February 2017 the University reconsidered the amount of development as requested by the Planning Committee, and consulted with local ward Members and local residents regarding their suggestions on how this might be achieved.

The revised proposals provide an outline planning application to build student accommodation and ancillary central amenity facilities (up to a maximum of 32,230 sqm) with associated infrastructure and landscaping (all matters reserved).

The main changes to the initial application are as follows:

  • The new plans include a near 13% reduction in floor space, down to 32,230sqm;
  • The development zone has been moved away from the eastern edge of the proposed site, increasing the landscape area on this side;
  • Two blocks have been removed from the initial application;
  • The height zones have been adjusted to show lower heights in parts of the northern and eastern parts of the development zone;
  • In particular, all buildings adjacent to the northern edge of the development zone are now no higher than 3 storeys of residential development and there is a small element of 4 storey (down from 5) close to the eastern edge which has also been moved;
  • The overall green space on the proposed site has increased to 73% overall.

Images and plans

The following images and plans illustrate the new proposals: