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Workplace 2030

Workplace 2030

Workplace 2030 aims to transform our Exeter campuses, ensuring that we are using our buildings effectively and efficiently. The programme, which will take place over 10 years, will enable us to reconfigure a number of our existing buildings. We plan to decarbonise and enhance the buildings, so that we can help transform the on-campus experience for our colleagues and our students and make substantial environmental gains leading to cost savings and efficiencies. 

Following a prioritisation survey, five buildings have been selected for phase one of the programme, based on the opportunities they provide to create the biggest carbon savings and opportunities to use our space more efficiently: 

  • Northcote House
  • XFI, Streatham Court and Building:One
  • Amory 

Works are currently scheduled to begin on Northcote House in spring 2024 and subject to each building receiving the necessary approvals to proceed, phase one is due to be complete by 2027.

Key Principles

One of the aims of the Workplace 2030 programme has been to establish a set of approved space design principles. The principles have been created to reflect our future cultural and space efficiency aspirations and focus on the environment, our people, and our strategy. 

It is hoped the principles, will provide consistency across all phases of Workplace 2030 and each specific building project.

Find out more about Workplace 2030 and view the Key Principles.