The Education Strategy in Action

The development of the Education Strategy has been highly collaborative, with hundreds of staff and students contributing. The intention is that this process will continue, so that the Values, Attributes and Aims are continually being illustrated and added to by views and practices from across the whole University.

In this way, rather than having a strategy that remains just words, we will create a vibrant, practical and ever developing website that shows the Strategy in Action - what it means to you, how the Values and Aims are interpreted and played out in practice, and how students can develop, and be supported in developing, their personal and professional skills and Attributes.

The Aims section is the most detailed, with staff highlighting aspects of their practice to illustrate each of the six strategic Aims.  These accounts demonstrate the rich and varied approaches that are taken towards learning, teaching and assessment at Exeter. It is hoped they will contribute towards inspiring and providing ideas for others to use, giving confidence to those who want to try out new approaches, and building a community in which practice is shared and discussed on an ongoing basis, by both staff and students alike.

Continuing contributions are welcome from staff and students. Most of the contributions to date have been collected via short informal discussions and video, but please use any format you would like.

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The ASPIRE webpages will also give you an insight into how our continuing professional development programmes for staff can help you to develop your practice in relation to the Education Strategy.

Please look out for our ASPIRE Academic Practice Seminars and events and the ASPIRE Development days.

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