Our six Strategic Aims: Shaping the Exeter Experience

The strategic aims and supporting objectives detailed below will ensure the University succeeds in creating an exceptional experience for all Exeter students:

Strategic Aim One:

Academically-able students from across the world empowered as engaged learners and agents of change

  1. To attract the most academically-able applicants to Exeter, from the UK and across the world
  2. To increase levels of proactive student engagement with their academic studies
  3. To inspire students to lead change, in the University and community, both globally and locally

Strategic Aim Two:

Excellent opportunity for high quality placements and internships and the development of employability attributes

  1. To measure and improve the employability attributes of all students through course, extra-curricular and out-of-term-time activities
  2. To provide the opportunity for every student to gain a placement or internship

Strategic Aim Three:

Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning and discovery

  1. To enable every student to learn with the creators of world-leading research
  2. To extend the opportunities for students to discover and learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry in each year of study
  3. To improve the research environment by enhancing the quality of support and facilities for postgraduate students and research

Strategic Aim Four:

International learning, research and work experiences

  1. To significantly increase opportunities for students to study, research or work with a university, employer or voluntary body in another country
  2. To provide international perspectives in all programmes and a multi-cultural experience for all students
  3. To grow the numbers of international staff and students in our academic community

Strategic Aim Five:

First class face-to-face educational experiences enhanced with a variety of technologies

  1. To ensure all students are taught and supported by the very best educators, providing inspiring, challenging and innovative learning
  2. To make available the best learning spaces and technologies
  3. To equip students and staff with the ability to use technologies effectively for learning and student success

Strategic Aim Six:

Multi-disciplinary learning that tackles contemporary global challenges

  1. To make learning from more than one discipline a feature of all programmes
  2. To provide all students with the opportunity to explore the relevance of different disciplines to contemporary challenges facing the world


Sub-categories within the Strategic Aims

With each strategic aim comes a multitude of possible interpretations: the strategic lead’s ‘Interpreting the Strategy’ page helps to define where each aim sits within the Exeter context. Within these definitions, the strategic leads have begun to use a system of categorisation to highlight the different strands within their interpretation. In order to make this information accessible across the site, we have a created a visual tool to depict how each case study aligns with the various categories. Similarly, the graduate attributes are cross-referenced with each case study, in order to demonstrate how the work of each staff member encourages students to develop these skills and competencies during their time at Exeter. 

The five facets of Research-Inspired Inquiry-Led Learning (Aim 3):

The graduate attributes: