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Aim 4: International experiences

Global student mobility is one of the fastest-growing aspects of higher education today. Over four million students worldwide are currently mobile, enriching the social, cultural and academic contexts of higher education worldwide, with universities both welcoming international students into their environment as well as offering their own students the opportunity to study abroad.

The major benefit to students is that they are given the opportunity to develop intercultural skills, attributes and competences that will enable them to live and work in a global context, as the global citizens of the future.

However, ensuring that learning, teaching and assessment is effective in terms of supporting, developing and enabling positive experiences for all students and all cultures is complex, and a topic of considerable debate. The publications below outline some of the complexities and consider factors such as how we can better understand the international student experience as well as improve the experience for UK students studying abroad.


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Internationalisation resources

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Internationalisation resources