Dr Alex Thompson

Winner of Best Overall Lecturer and Feedback-er of the Year

Research-led learning

Name Dr Alex Thompson
Email Alex.Thompson@exeter.ac.uk
Position Senior Lecturer in Marketing
College University of Exeter Business School
Module BEM1019, BEMM164, BEMM350

Feedback and feeding forward

As winner and runner up for numerous Teaching Awards, including wins for Best Overall Lecturer (2011) and Feedback-er of the Year (2010), Alex understands the importance of going the extra mile to ensure students feel valued and to provide them with the materials they need to succeed. As Alex added: "I’ve been nominated a few times and I’ve felt really privileged by that and I’ve come to realise it’s less about me as a teacher and more about students valuing their own voice…declaring that they are interested in student teaching…That to me has been a real fundamental shift…in how I understand students and how I work with students, because it’s really about them and it’s not about me, you know, winning an award at all, it’s about them and them privileging their voice".

Recognising that students engage with learning in different ways, Alex adapts his teaching style to suit the needs of a variety of students, using a mix of lecture-based learning and multimedia techniques. Similarly, Alex draws upon his own research experiences to personalise and breathe life into theory that could otherwise be somewhat challenging. As Alex explains: "I think it’s really important to create variations in your lectures that break up that monotony…Anything that changes the nature of me just kind of bullet point, after bullet point of words. I try to create some variation through the lecture itself".

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Feedback and feeding forward

"I really let student opinions define how I teach".

Developing skills as researchers

"These are the examples that...put the meat on the skeleton of the textbook".