Anka Djordjevic

Research-led learning


Anka Djordjevic


Position Project Manager of Grand Challenges
Division ESE

Grand Challenges  

A key strand of the Education Strategy is that of multi-disciplinary learning, enabling students to think more critically, problem-solve and work from new and different perspectives. The Grand Challenges programme brings students from all disciplines together in small groups to work on global challenges such as how to combat climate change or what education systems could look like. Students build up a network of contacts from across the University and beyond, and understand concepts that transcend disciplinary boundaries: useful skills both for their university years and after graduation.”

Students as architects of their own learning

“One of the benefits of Grand Challenges is that students become the architects of their own group learning. They draw on research, set their own goals, take initiative in planning their activities and are responsible for producing high quality outputs such as apps, videos or social media campaigns at the end of the Challenge.”

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

What students say

The best thing about Grand Challenges was...

  • "The diversity and independence of the Challenge - everyone was able to bring their own ideas together."
  • "Everyone brought different experiences from their courses which was great."
  • "Working with different people from other subject areas."
  • "The independence that we had in creating what we wanted to do and coming up with real and valid research that can be used to actually change something in our lives at University."