Professor Brendan Godley

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Research informed learning

Name Professor Brendan Godley
Position Professor of Conservation Science/Director of the Centre for Ecology and Conservation
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Module BIOM4023

Engaging students with research through the Kenya Field Course

Brendan Godley, a leading researcher and Professor of Conservation Science at the University’s Penryn campus, takes a research informed, inquiry-led approach to education. His research focuses on conservation issues related to marine biodiversity, particularly marine vertebrates, sea turtles, sea birds and marine animals.

Brendan leads the Kenya Field Course for Masters Students, which encourages students to engage with research first-hand, through the opportunity to undertake their own research and data-analysis in a challenging setting, whilst gaining international experience.

As Brendan explains, "one of the… cardinal features of many Exeter graduates now is this global view. Many of our researchers and many of our courses are looking at the grand challenges that face humanity, many of them environmental... students [are] getting the chance to get overseas, work with people from different cultures, start to deal with other languages…[giving] them a much broader world view. Even if they stay here working in the UK, and Europe, that world view still comes to bear in the way that they act and behave in their ongoing professional lives".

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

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Importance of research

“I’m quite pleased to be doing research which is leading edge”.

Kenya Field Course

“[Field work] allows… deeper learning once people return to the lecture room… when they’ve actually smelt it and touched it”.

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