Caroline Gale

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Research-led learning in the library

Name Caroline Gale
Position Library Liaison Manager/Head of Subject Librarian Team
Division Academic Services

Library Champions

Caroline has played a crucial role in implementing the Library Champions scheme, which allows students to express their opinions regarding library resources and have an active involvement in selecting and recommending library content.

The Library Champions meet on a regular basis with their Subject Librarian in order to gather feedback on changes to the Library, participate in focus groups on any queries which may arise and share this information through their department's Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). "It’s inspiring for students to have access to the latest research on a topic" and therefore the Library Champions Scheme provides students with the opportunity to be actively involved in what research the library holds.

The scheme has been a great success, with Caroline receiving a nomination for a Professional Services Recognition award. In addition, the scheme has been featured in articles by the Professional Press, and several other Universities across the country are now adopting the scheme, establishing Library Champions as an example of excellent practice for promoting student-led change. 

"We did a study a few years ago which actually links library use, particularly with electronic resource use, to student attainment. It’s absolutely crucial for their studies. I think a lot of people think about the library as a building, but actually it’s much more than that."

In addition to the scheme, the library promotes a number of innovative methods for learning, to develop students' skills as researchers, such as surface tables. "[They're]...quite fun and...[make] you think differently about how you present information. We offer online self-paced learning, as well as the traditional face to face, so there’s a kind of blended offer in terms of what we can use."

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

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Library Champions

"The Library Champions a way for us to have a finger on the pulse of what students are thinking".