Charlie Rush

Research Uncovered

Engaging students with research through Research Uncovered

Name Charlie Rush


Academic Representation Co-ordinator

Division The Students' Guild

Promoting multidisciplinary engagement through the Students' Guild

Charlie, as the Academic Representation Co-ordinator for the Students’ Guild, plays an important role in encouraging and supporting student-led projects, including initiatives, such as the Guild Teaching Awards.

Encouraging students to actively engage with the Guild is an important element of Charlie's approach, ensuring students have a direct role in shaping their University experience. As Charlie explains, "all of our Student Representatives have got a chance to change how modules are run, to change assessment and feedback...and anything else that can affect their education whilst they are here”.

Significantly, the Guild and it's various activities, whether through engaging with societies or volunteering, encourages interdisciplinary engagement, with students from all disciplines working and learning together. As Charlie discusses, "Multidisciplinarity is really important because everything that we do spans across different disciplines. Nothing’s cut and dry, nothing’s black and white, if you go out into…the world…in a lot of jobs, then you are doing stuff that crosses different disciplines and different disciplines have different things to bring in terms of the way you look at things, and the way that you study, and the skills that you develop”.

Multi-disciplinary discussion via Research Uncovered

Charlie is also involved in the student-led initiative, Research Uncovered, where students can vote and nominate for their preferred research topics, which they feel would be of interest and benefit to both other students and the wider community. As well as sharing world-class research, the scheme is also a perfect opportunity for students, staff and the wider community to engage in interdisciplinary discussion, and to get involved.

As Charlie explains: “I think one of the main things for our students is [that] they know they are listened to. They know that people care about them and they will do something about the feedback that they are given and so they want to engage with it, and…also…we use different projects, so for example, Research Uncovered or the Teaching Awards…we get focus groups, we get the students in. So with Research Uncovered, they vote on it, they nominate for it…they’re the ones leading the entire thing. So I think that then boosts up…engagement”.

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning

To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

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Interdisciplinary engagement through the Guild

"We bring everyone together in the same way”.

Interdisciplinary discussion through Research Uncovered

"[Research Uncovered] allows people to look at subject material in a different light”.