Professor David Boughey

Principal Fellow PFHEA and Research Uncovered Lecturer

Engaging students with research

Name Professor David Boughey

Associate Professor in International Business History, and Director of Student Engagement

College The Business School
Module BEM3030

Student-led research

As a research historian, research plays an important role in David's approach to teaching. As David explains, engaging students directly with research is crucial: ‘For me, research-led education is meaningless unless students actually do the research themselves. There’s something about that process of a student genuinely getting their hands dirty…whether that’s in a lab or with dusty old books. It’s actually about touching [and] feeling part of that research process’.

In his third year undergraduate module, International Business History, David encourages students to engage directly with research through a student-led research project: "I treat the first half as a process of discovery and exploration…[and] I give my students the task of looking at a set of companies...that existed in 1916 and they were registered in the UK, but all of their business was somewhere else in the make the learning and the research very personal to them…The point is, you’ve got students as researchers, rather than students just receiving research".

It was from his efforts to engage students with research in his module that David received the highest number of student votes for Research Uncovered in 2014. David feels passionately that the student experience is of the upmost importance in Higher Education, particularly when engaging with research. "Students are an integral component of university life, and if a university is going to be the vibrant, exciting thoughtful place that it should be, and given the nature of the exceptionally able people who come to study with us, I think it is terrifically important that...we treat our students as collaborators in some kind of wider research purpose...This then for me, is a phenomenally important starting point to think about the interaction between research and teaching and the reality that at times, they just completely blend and become one and the same thing".

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Engaging students with research

"...the most important thing is that the student understands something about the research process".

Understanding research

"...research, at any moment in time, is always in a state of flux...we're always advancing it".

Research Uncovered

"Research Uncovered is a phenomenal scheme...[that] brings to the fore the way in which research can have meaning to students and a wider audience".

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