Dr Annabel Watson

Runner-up for Best Lecturer

Research-inspired learning

Name Dr Annabel Watson
Email A.M.Watson@exeter.ac.uk  
Position Lecturer in Language Education, Academic Misconduct Officer
College College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Engaging students with research-inspired learning

Annabel is a lecturer in Language Education, and her research explores the topic of grammar teaching and how this can have an impact on writing development. Through her own work, including her involvement with the Centre for Research in Writing, Annabel sees first-hand the benefits of research-inspired inquiry-led learning, and is keen to bring her research into the classroom to engage students.

As Annabel explains, “I think students benefit hugely from being taught by research-active staff, and I think they benefit in two ways. One is the content, so what’s being delivered to them is absolutely cutting-edge, and the other is the process, they get insights into the process behind research, and I think for us in the Graduate School of Education, we want to develop brilliant teachers, outstanding practitioners and people who are going to be leaders in the field, and in order to do that…we need those teachers to be able to engage with research at a really critical level”.

Enhancing students' employability through work placements

In addition to this work, Annabel is also involved in teaching on the University’s Initial Teacher Education programmes. As Annabel explains, an important aspect of these programmes involves students undertaking work placements in partner schools. This first-hand experience is an important way for these prospective teachers to hone their skills as researchers and leaders in the field, ensuring they develop the necessary transferable skills to have a successful career in education.

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Research-inspired learning through work placements

"In order to be a really good teacher, you need to be able to engage with research".

Developing students' employability skills

"...we want to produce teachers who are outstanding in the classroom...[and] become leaders in the field".