Dr Chloe Preedy

Nominated for Most Supportive Staff Member

Research-led learning

Name Dr Chloe Preedy
Email C.Preedy@exeter.ac.uk
Position Lecturer in Shakespeare & Renaissance Literature
College College of Humanities

Inspiring students through research

A Lecturer in English at the Penryn campus, Chloe’s research interests lie in late 16th Century drama, particularly the concept of immersive theatre. Chloe is also involved in a collaborative research project which investigates the cultural afterlives of Renaissance men and women in the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries, working with academics from several other universities.

As a leading researcher, Chloe is keen to bring her research into the classroom, inspiring and engaging students with cutting edge material and debates, providing important transferable skills. Chloe is also involved in the Fresher’s Week initiative, ‘Meet Your Professor’, where first-year undergraduates research their academics research interests and give a presentation on these. As Chloe discusses, by requiring first-year undergraduates to engage in this exercise just as they begin their time at the University, it encourages students from the very start to view University as an exciting opportunity to critically examine and engage with knowledge.

Supporting students as a community of learners

Nominated at the Student’s Guild Teaching Awards 2015 for “Most Supportive Staff Member”, Chloe is keen to provide support to students as a “community of learners”. As Chloe explains: “In terms of engaging students with the University experience and what staff members can do to help, I think it very much does relate back to this idea of being a community of learners, and for the me the key…is this idea that knowledge is there to be not acquired as fixed knowledge, but that ideas are there to be explored and debated”.

Reflecting this belief, whilst research is an important aspect of Chloe’s role, she is also keen to ensure that students feel they can explore and discuss their own ideas with her both within and beyond their modules. Chloe therefore encourages students to take an active role in discussions through interactive lectures, holding small seminars to encourage “the free exchange of ideas”, but also to come and see her in one-to-ones, or in her pastoral role as a Personal Tutor, providing support and guidance to students throughout their university life.

“One of the things that I’ve done [is that] I’m running a third year optional module and with that module what I’ve done is billed it not so much on research that I’ve done previously, but rather on research that I’m currently in the process of developing, and in a way this is quite challenging for me in terms of setting up the module, but it’s also really exciting because I think it allows the students taking the module…to have that better insight really into the idea that this is an evolving process, that these ideas are changing and that we can challenge them…and together we are coming up with ideas about what we can  say about these texts”.

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning

To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Inspiring students through research

"One of the things we do [to encourage a research-inspired approach is] a Freshers' Week initiative... called 'Meet Your Professor'".

Supporting students as a community of learners

"...being a supportive lecturer is very much about thinking about students as individuals".