Dr Darren Schreiber

Nominated for Innovative Teaching

Research-led learning

Name Dr Darren Schreiber
Email D.M.Schreiber@exeter.ac.uk
Position Senior Lecturer in Politics
College College of Social Sciences and International Study

Innovative teaching inspired by research

 “The work that I do in my research line has been very heavily influenced by the psychology of learning… so as a result my teaching has been very heavily oriented around that material. I’m much more repetitive in lectures; instead of just making a point once I’ll introduce the general point, repeat it in a slightly different way later on, and in the next lecture begin with asking students to tell me anything they remember… and ratcheting that level of questions up to higher and higher difficulties hopefully to the point where paradoxically students fail. This is very uncomfortable for students. They always want to be successful and the idea they’ll hit a point of failure in their knowledge can induce a significant amount of stress, but what the research shows is that we don’t really understand what we understand, until we understand what we don’t understand.”

Innovative teaching using technology

“I run a Facebook group for all of my classes… specifically focused on the particular topic, raising current event type questions… tying that again into the research we’re covering. That synergy between research, teaching and current events of the world really helps me to make sure… that I’m teaching and exploring ideas live with students.”

Multi-disciplinary approach

“If we look at something from only one particular perspective we end up misunderstanding it … if we look at the world through the lens of somebody who has only got a hammer we see the world as a nail. By approaching a problem from a variety of different perspectives, it allows us to see the nuances and problems that are there in different ways.”

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning

To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Innovative Teaching

“I use brain imaging to study how people think about political questions”.

Multi-disciplinary learning

“If we look at something from only one particular perspective we end up misunderstanding it”.