Professor Miguel Fonseca

Research Inspired Teaching

Research-inspired learning

Name Professor Miguel Fonseca
Position Associate Professor in Economics
College The Business School

Engaging students through a research-inspired approach

Professor Miguel Fonseca is an Associate Professor in Economics. A keen researcher, Miguel is interested in the study of human behaviour: “to what extent institutions, the rules of social engagement that exist in society, some of them are formal, like laws or regulations, or existing ways of trading goods or exchanging services, influence our behaviour, constrain our behaviour and how we can somehow infer preferences or choices or trade-offs through peoples’ behaviours”. 

Nominated at the 2015 Students Guild Teaching Awards for “Research Inspired Teaching”, Miguel brings his own research into his teaching to engage students. Developing a new final-year module in the Business School, for example, “Behaviour, Decisions and Markets”, Miguel strives to develop students’ understanding of material by providing them with access to cutting-edge research.

“It’s an absolute necessity to have leading researchers at a good university; otherwise the very mission of the university is undermined”.

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Inspiring students through research

"[The Behaviour, Decisions and Markets module was developed] to showcase...the type of cutting-edge behavioural economics that's done out there".