Professor Stuart Bearhop

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Research-led learning

Name Professor Stuart Bearhop
Position Professor of Animal Ecology/Director of Education
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Research-led teaching and learning

Based at the Penryn campus, Stuart's main research interests lie in exploring what causes variations among individuals and populations. Recognising the value of research-inspired, inquiry-led learning, Stuart draws upon his own research to inspire students to engage with the subject matter. As Stuart explains:

“We have to recognise that knowledge isn’t static...People who are research-led are trying to keep up with the field and make sure that what’s being taught is current.”

Field teaching

Developing students' skills as researchers is another important element of Stuart's approach. As Stuart states: “Enthusiasm goes a massively long way. Enthusiasm for the subject, and enthusiasm for the questions about the subject, this is one of the best ways…of conveying information, and I think the other main way… is via field teaching”. 

Through taking a practical approach to learning, Stuart believes that field teaching can be one of the most effective methods for engaging students, providing them with greater insight not only into the subject, but in developing vital life skills, such as teamwork, to help with their employability.

Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning
To extend the opportunities for students to learn in innovative ways through their own research and inquiry

Importance of research-inspired, inquiry-led learning

“Research, for research sake, is a really important thing”.

Developing students' skills as researchers through fieldwork

“Field probably the most engaging and most effective way of getting things across”.