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"Students benefit from – and want to be taught by – academics at the leading edge of their fields. Thus high quality research-led teaching is our aim."

- Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor

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Aim 3: Research-inspired, inquiry-led learning

The notion of research-led education is integral to the University’s strategic vision. As a leading research intensive university, we firmly believe in the central importance and value of research in enhancing the student learning experience. Through a research-led curriculum, we provide our students with the opportunity to share the excitement of research and of extending the boundaries of knowledge. Through research-led teaching and assessment, we encourage and enable our students to develop valuable skills of critical and independent inquiry. Research-led teaching ultimately sustains the country’s intellectual and creative capital.

In the words of Ramsden (2005),

"The main hope for realising a genuinely student centred undergraduate education lies in re-engineering the teaching-research nexus.” In our view the word ‘engineer’ suggests that the link does not occur automatically; it has to be ‘designed’, ‘created’, constructed’, and ‘brought about’."

(Jenkins, A. and Healey, M., 2005).

The Higher Education Academy also suggests that some key questions need to be considered, for example:

- In what ways are teaching, learning and research linked for mutual benefit in higher education?
- How do students benefit from the research character of universities?
- Can the relationships between research, teaching and student learning be strengthened?


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Research-led learning resources

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