Attributes of the Exeter Graduate and Postgraduate

To enable our graduates to make that positive difference, our students will develop a range of attributes. These attributes embody our values and prepare students for future success.

All our students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, will be inspired by intellectual challenge to acquire expertise within and beyond their chosen academic field.

In addition the Exeter Graduate will be:

An imaginative and critical thinker and problem solver

The ability to think critically, analyse, and challenge, is the essence of what makes Exeter students valuable citizens, attractive graduate employees and investable entrepreneurs.

An active global citizen

Our graduates will leave the University of Exeter with a commitment to actively engage in society, an awareness of sustainability issues, and an understanding of the cultures and view of others in the world, and a desire to further the common good.

A creative and enterprising team player

Exeter graduates will possess the creativity and drive to inspire change, with an ability to work collaboratively with the widest range of people, whatever their chosen professions.

An engaged and participative leader able to effect change

All Exeter students will graduate with experience of leading and effecting change, empowering them to make a responsible and sustainable difference as a future leader, whatever the context.

A confident, resilient and adaptable individual

Exeter graduates will be equipped to be effective and influential in any context, with the integrity, attitude, mental resourcefulness and knowledge to succeed, regardless of personal circumstance.