Amoe Mkwena

Peer Support

Students' Guild Volunteer

Confident and adaptable individual

Name Amoe Mkwena
Role Peer Support Networks Officer

Peer Support Networks

"My name is Amoe Mkwena, and the role of Peer Support [Networks Officer], is one that represents the peer leaders in the Guild level and university level, and I also… monitor the Peer Support programmes to see how they’re going... ensuring that everything’s well".

As the main point of contact for Peer Support, Amoe is required to confidently express the needs of students involved in Peer Support to academic and professional services staff, and the Students' Guild, finding ways to adapt the programme to meet the requirements of those involved. This experience has allowed Amoe to develop her communication skills and confidence, as well as her employability skills.

As Amoe expresses, "being confident, resilient and adaptable is very useful in the work place because different things will be thrown at you, and things may not go to plan, but knowing that you're able to… combat those things that go wrong is really important".

For more information about Amoe's role, head to her profile on the Students' Guild website.

Peer Support Networks

"I’ve always wanted to… be involved in the University, and help in some way”.