Georgina Lewis

Becoming confident, adaptable and resilient

Name Georgina Lewis
College College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Raising awareness of mental health issues

“I think mental health is a bigger problem than people would like to think that it is, including me, but raising awareness of mental health issues by speaking at different universities wasn’t something I planned to do. I gave a talk here a couple of years ago, and my plan was to do one talk and that would be it! But the feedback that I got afterwards was so overwhelming…from both students and staff… which made me realise that I need to keep speaking and reaching students from all kinds of backgrounds. I hope that even if it’s an audience of 60 and only one person walks away feeling it's okay to get help then that’s worth it”.

Georgina has given a number of talks at the university about her experience with mental health difficulties, and has spoken at universities across the UK, including the University of Rhodes in South Africa, in order to raise awareness of mental health issues and challenge the stigma which often surrounds those issues. She has also worked with organisations such as Mind, the Devon Youth Service, the Devon and Cornwall Police and Glamour Magazine. 

"The support I received from the Wellbeing service... gave me the confidence to speak out, so now I give a lot of public talks about my mental health... I think a lot of that has stemmed from the support the University Wellbeing service has given me... When you've got mental health problems, and there's stigma around that and so much of [what I do]... is putting myself out there, very vulnerable, to try and reach others, the fact that there's strangers out there who care about me has really boosted my resilience".

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Raising awareness of mental health

“The support I have received from the Wellbeing service has been invaluable for me.”