Glender Duzon

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Confident, resilient and adaptable individual

Name Glender Duzon
College The Business School

Developing confidence and adaptability through the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

Glender Duzon is the Subject Chair for Management and Organisation within the Business School. Glender explains how her role has helped her become a far more confident and adaptable individual, able to deal with challenges such as “getting feedback from students”. She explains how she came to the conclusion to “make a bank of questions for the course reps”, emailing them to students as “a starting point for [them] to talk about their issues”.

Glender realised students “were not very aware that the SSLC were there to listen to their issues and comments”, and she adapted to the situation by encouraging students to speak up, reassuring them that the SSLC “were there to support them and hear their feedback and solve it”.

“It is very important for students to have their say because it allows them to feel like they have a voice, that the University is willing to listen to them… and [through] what they say, they can make a change”.

Becoming a confident, adaptable individual through the SSLC

“I think adapting to the needs of students and staff is all about balancing… trying to come up with common ground and finding a solution that would meet both the needs of the student and the staff."