Johannes Neumann

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Confidence, adaptability and resilience

Name Johannes Neumann
College College of Social Sciences and International Studies

The Student Staff Liaison Committee

Johannes Neumann is Subject Chair for Law and Chair of the NSS Law Action Group. As part of the student-led democracy at the university, Johannes believes it’s very important for students to get involved in terms of academic representation. “You’ve led a group, you can chair meetings, you can listen to people; you are a responsible person. Employers are always looking for specific skills, and being a Subject Chair or a representative allows you to demonstrate these skills.”

 “It is important for you to have the opportunity to shape your education. That’s really important for the Law School; to make students feel included in the academic life. We don’t want people to feel like they’re just a number, like they’re something on a conveyor belt, university isn’t supposed to be like that. We want students to have input with their course, because, actually, some of the solutions they come up with are really innovative! They can be really simple sometimes, but no one’s thought of them. By bringing these ideas in, we improve the student experience for everybody.”

Developing skills as a problem solver

Johannes has developed his critical thinking and problem-solving skills in his roles as Subject Chair and Chair of the NSS Action Group for Law. Being diplomatic in the way that he works, between students and staff, has enabled him to solve many student queries. “We’ve managed to start trialling electronic feedback, because that’s always one of the big things in terms of assessment and feedback; students want clearer feedback, so having it typed up has proved really beneficial. We’re also providing drop-in surgeries for students, so any student can come along with any problem and just talk to a lecturer... in a low-pressure environment.”

Becoming a confident, adaptable and resilient individual

Johannes’ role as Subject Chair has also allowed him to become a more confident, adaptable individual. He has found he has had to become flexible in terms of engaging with different people and making sure everyone has their say, whilst keeping efficient time management within meetings.

Becoming an efficient problem solver with the SSLC

“Being that link between the Law School and the students; we have to be diplomatic in the way that we work, so that really does mean being a problem solver.”

Being confident, adaptable and resilient as Subject Chair

“You have an opinion and you need to voice the opinions of others, in a diplomatic way.”