Matt Bate

Students' Guild Staff

Confident, resilient and adaptable individual

Name Matt Bate
Position Vice-President Activities
College The Students' Guild

Developing resilience through Academic Representation

Representing your subject on the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a responsibility that requires students to develop as confident, resilient and adaptable individuals. By communicating student views with senior members of staff and representing the entire cohort in a formal setting, Matt developed the self-confidence to handle the issues raised in a professional and sensitive manner. Through problem-solving, perseverance and the ability to negotiate with both students and staff, Matt developed the transferable skills applicable to his current role as Vice-President in Activities for the Students' Guild. "... It’s through the activities that I did alongside my studies... [that] gave me that link to the role. I got involved with societies… a lot of the skills I picked up during my extra-curricular activities I’ve now put into practice… My course as well helped me in this regards; I was on the student staff liaison committee for Biology, and getting to negotiate ideas and suggestions with the academics in that committee allowed me to have the confidence in this role to negotiate with senior staff”.

The nature of Matt's role, as VP Activities, requires much of his time to be spent working and engaging with a number of students. Handling any number of enquiries made by students actively engaged with societies in the buzzing Activities and Volunteering Hub, Matt draws upon the attribute in order to provide the students with the best support possible: “I do have to be adaptable and resilient in my role; there will always be setbacks, nothing’s going to go perfectly whenever you’re trying to do a project or trying to help a student enquiry”.

One example of a group of students who have displayed this attribute particularly well are the Welcome Team. "I’ve seen [the attribute] displayed remarkably well with people getting involved with societies and also the Welcome Team. This year we had 180 volunteers during arrivals weekend; they had to respond to each situation differently, be it someone outside a night club needing their assistance, to a nervous Fresher moving in, they had to adapt every single response to the needs of the student… I know that the students I saw there were extremely adaptable and resilient… it’s a long week and they did very well”.

Confident, resilient and adaptable individual

Being "a confident and adaptable individual... is having the courage to... put any... ideas that they have into reality".