Maurice FitzGibbon

Confident, adaptable individual

Name Maurice FitzGibbon
College College of Humanities

Adapting to new situations

Studying a Flexible Combined Honours degree in BA History and International Relations, Maurice FitzGibbon is pursuing an undergraduate degree at a much later time in life compared to that of school leavers. Having extensive experience in the world of business, Maurice chose Exeter due to the International Relations course having “fifteen modules on the Middle East, which is an area [he] spent many years visiting… [He] is now learning all the social and political history.”

Studying an undergraduate degree has meant Maurice has had to adapt to a new situation; “I think it’s certainly identified some of the earlier shortfalls that I had in my early life, as I did not have the opportunity of going to university first time. My father was a scientist; he wanted me to be exactly a clone of him and go work in his agro-chemical business… I had decided that environment wasn’t going to be for me.”

Maurice has had the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences with others, including his lecturers. Maurice has experience in Iran before the revolution and other countries in the Middle East, where he was involved in the establishment of major retail store development and regional distribution networks for UK and European suppliers.

Maurice advises other undergraduate students to “think about the subject they are studying and what, (when they finish university), transferable skills it gives them that they can present to a future employer.”