Pavel Kondov

Confident, adaptable individual

Name Pavel Kondov
College College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Organising Exeter's first ever Bulgarian election polling station

Demonstrating the attributes of an active global citizen, Pavel Kondov, a second year International Relations student at Exeter and a Students As Change Agent project leader, was involved in organising the city's first ever Bulgarian election polling station. Engaging 10 students as volunteers to assist with running the polling booth, Pavel's hard work allowed both students and citizens from Bulgaria residing in the West Country to cast their vote in the recent Bulgarian General Elections.

As Pavel explains: ‘One of our major tasks after we secured the polling booths was to let all the Bulgarians know that they will be able to cast their vote; so we engaged the Bulgarian Society and the University to publicise that there [was] going to be an election. Then [we] found some local groups through Facebook which acted as a community group for Bulgarian’s who live in the South West, [and] invited them to further distribute the information’.

Developing confidence and adaptability in the Mirror Scheme

Pavel was recently involved in the shadowing scheme with Vice Chancellor Sir Steve Smith. The Mirror Scheme is an exciting opportunity where senior members of the University shadow students, and students in turn shadow them.

"The scheme was a unique opportunity to get an insight into how our University is run, meet the people who take the key decisions and how they contribute to the University's success."

By exploring the responsibilities of Sir Steve Smith, Pavel had to be confident and adaptable when realising the day-to-day pressures of the Vice Chancellor's role. Gaining an insight into each other's duties, both parties had to be flexible and get involved with any activities that were scheduled for the shadowing day. Pavel was able to experience aspects of the job that he might not have otherwise known about.

For some more information about the Mirror Scheme, please watch the video below featuring Sir Steve Smith.

Setting up the polling booth and its legacy

"A really good thing is that because we had more than 100 voters, for the next five years, any National Election in the capital in Bulgaria will automatically have a polling booth in Exeter".

An active, global citizen

Being an active, global citizen means "being informed about happening in the world, engaging...with other people and other points of view".

Professor Sir Steve Smith discusses the Mirror Scheme

"The idea is to develop understanding between key students and key decision-makers..."