Alicia Albrecht

Creative and enterprising teamwork

Name Alicia Albrecht
College The Business School

Developing team working skills through the Events Management module

Alicia, studying Management and Marketing with proficiency in Spanish, took part in the ‘Events Management’ module run by Paul Barton. For this module, students are taught not only the theory behind events management, but also gain practical experience, working in groups of eight to do the groundwork and planning for their chosen theoretical event.

In order for the event to be a success, being an effective team player was crucial:

“I think a good team player is someone who knows how to listen, who is not afraid to speak-up and voice their opinions, but is also not afraid of compromise and being flexible. So when you are in a group with eight people as I was, or seven other people, there are a lot of different voices going on. I was in a team with some very strong people as well, like myself, who had some really great ideas, great opinions, but at the end of the day, you can only produce one thing and it has to be coherent. So we really had to learn to listen to each other’s research and points of views, so that we were not just throwing out our own opinions when somebody had already done the background reading or understanding of what that would actually entail. [It is]…also being flexible, so ideas that I might have had in the end just wouldn’t be feasible because of other aspects, so it’s really important to have that sort of balance…I think team playing is a lot more than just working with other people, or leading other people, there’s a lot more soft skills involved”.

As Alicia points out, being a creative and effective team player is an important transferable skill to develop whilst at University; “you’ll always work in a team, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, and if you work with people in a counter-productive way, it can be an absolute disaster, but when you work with people and you really know how to work as a team, it can produce some of the best results. So it’s…vital to really understand how to work with others, how to compromise, how to possibly lead a team, how to be a follower, to really get the best possible results throughout your entire career or your life”. 

Developing team working skills through the Events Management module

"...when you're brainstorming in a team you come up with even better ideas, so it forced us to really work with each other to get the best in terms of creativity for the event".