Beth Williams and Fran Mobbs

Creative and enterprising team players

Name Fran Mobbs and Beth Williams
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Wellbeing Services - creating a support signposting service for students

Fran Mobbs and Beth Williams, second year Applied Clinical Psychology students, have embarked upon a Students as Change Agents project to create a Wellbeing Information Directory (WID). It is an ongoing process, in which they have surveyed students to collect data about how they use (or do not use) Wellbeing Services. Surveyed responses included the fact that students wanted better access to services such as Mind and Talk to Frank, as well as more information about the University’s own Wellbeing Services. The aim of this project is to better inform students with regards to emotional and mental health support services, internally and external to the University. Beth and Fran have created a webpage based navigation system with easy-to-answer questions, directing students to the services they need. The key to this project is accessibility; at least one service under each question is a University service, a telephone service, a web-based service and a self-help service. They are also in talks to develop an ‘I need help now’ button for emergency support. The project will continue into the next academic year, and Fran and Beth intend to address the legacy of this project. This may lead to the creation of an app, or extension to the iExeter app, to further develop accessibility.

Critical thinking and problem solving

Fran and Beth identified a problem they came across; “just from talking to friends and other students we were able to identify that not many people knew about [Wellbeing Services].” Through carrying out a questionnaire and holding focus groups, they also found that “the information that was there was very dry and not very student-focused”. Fran and Beth have gone about solving this problem, with the support from Students as Change Agents and developing skills such as networking, and discussing with students “what they wanted from a resource like this; that way, it’s a very student-focused project… from students, for students”.

Creative and enterprising team players

Working together to bring this project to life, Fran and Beth delegated tasks between each other. For example, Beth led the research for the questionnaire and Fran took charge of emailing and connecting with the right people for the project, so “together… all the angles are covered.”

Developing team-working skills whilst at university

"It’s so easy to develop these skills at university; you can get involved with so much!"