Creative and enterprising teamwork

Name Imogen Lawlor
College The Business School

Cross-disciplinary teamwork

The Series for Economic Exploration, or ‘SEE Talks’ was a student-led project developed by Economics student Imogen Lawlor.

Run by a team of six keen student economists from a wide variety of disciplines across the University, the project sought to inspire students from across the University to take interest in macro-economic issues by inviting industry experts to the University to deliver stimulating and accessible talks, generating topical, cross-disciplinary discussion. With support from Sandy Williams, the Associate Dean of Education for the Business School, the SEE Talks introduced three to five of high-profile speakers per term, providing varied perspectives, interlinking many disciplines studied at the University and applying them to current events.

As the Chair of the SEE Talks, it was important that Imogen was a good team player, not just a leader. As Imogen explains: "Having a cross-disciplinary team meant in the first place we had different interests, so whilst we all love debating and that’s how it really started, we all had different viewpoints and different ways of looking at the world; as what you study very much influences how you view it".

Working as part of a team whilst at University is crucial in enhancing students' employability skills, and SEE Talks is an excellent example of the opportunities made available to students in order to develop their skills as a team player. As Imogen discussed: "A creative and enterprising team player needs to be able to work given any situation, so there were loads of problems thrown at us whilst we were working, sort of spanners in the work that we didn’t see coming, and you need to be able to solve those really quickly, using skills that I didn’t necessarily have before…we needed to use skills that were outside of our comfort zone, so all our different roles were set, but everybody’s ended up being slightly different from how they originally anticipated".

The importance of teamwork

"[The team dynamic] was more... of a flat structure rather than a pyramid".

Cross-disciplinary discussion

"It's about working as a team and knowing before you go into your job how you can pull all your team players together and incentivise people".