Joseph Beadle

Lead Peer Mentor

Creative and enterprising teamwork

Name Joseph Beadle
College College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics 

Supportive teamwork with Peer Support

Joseph Beadle is a fourth year Physics Student and a Lead Peer Mentor for the Medical Imaging (MI) Mentoring Programme. Together with Stephen Biles, Joseph teaches Maths and Physics to the second year MI students through weekly sessions, to help them enhance their skills in these areas.

“Peer Support is when a group of students help another group of students to help them improve with topics that they might struggle on… We help Medical Imaging students with Maths and Physics because it’s been found that it’s an area that they struggle with, and it’s an area that [we], as Physics students, should feel quite confident [with].”

Joseph believes that the main qualities of a creative team player, in terms of being a Peer Mentor, are adaptability, patience, understanding, sociability, and working to each other’s strengths. For example, Joseph and Stephen delegate tasks between them to organise the sessions. “Teamwork is an essential skill… you need to be able to interact with people and work as a group” at university and beyond.

Peer Mentoring as a rewarding experience

“I’m actually doing something that’s helping someone…”